McMinnville Downtown Association Gift Certificates encourage shopping downtown. 

One of the benefits of being a member of McMinnville Downtown Association is that you can participate in our gift certificate program. These gift certificates have become very popular with local employers as a way to show employee recognition. Plus, gift certificate recipients love being able to choose which downtown business they will spend their gift certificate at. 

Gift certificates can be purchased at the McMinnville Downtown Association office in any desired denomination. They can be redeemed at only our participating member businesses. 


When a customer redeems a gift certificate, treat it like cash. After the transaction and before you return the gift certificate to the McMinnville Downtown Association, you will need to fill out the name of your business on the gift certificate where it says “Merchant Name.” Upon receiving the gift certificate, the McMinnville Downtown Association will promptly pay the amount of the certificate less 5 percent (required to maintain the program). It’s that simple!

The certificates are NOT redeemable for cash. Customers are encouraged to spend the entire gift certificate with one purchase. If they wish to spend a portion of the certificate at any given time, it is at your discretion whether to issue an “inhouse” gift certificate for the remaining balance.

The idea is to bring new customers into your business to experience your wonderful products. Participation is voluntary. Please contact the McMinnville Downtown Association office if you have any questions.