meet the hands that feed you

Get to know your market vendors with our vendor spotlights.

One of the best parts about a farmers market is that it allows the customer to interact with the person who produced their food!

Learn more about a vendor’s background, what they sell, and how they get their products to people like you.


May 2nd: Bliss Nut Butters

For our first vendor highlight of the 2019 McMinnville Farmers Market season, we’ve chosen to feature Bliss Nut Butters! Daniell Bliss, founder of Bliss Nut Butters, started creating peanut butter to fuel her running lifestyle. With the help of Daniell’s husband and family, Bliss Nut Butters has been able to evolve and continue creating new and delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy!

This year marks Bliss Nut Butters’ 4th year at the McMinnville Farmers Market. In full season, you can find Bliss at about 18 farmers markets each WEEK! They love connecting with their customer base through the face-to-face interaction that the farmers market provides.

This year they will return with their nut and seed butters made with honey and sea-salt, as well as one Keto/Vegan almond butter. They may even be testing out a new flavor this summer that is specially exclusive to farmers markets!

may 9th: Sweet Oregon Berry

Although Sweet Oregon Berry Farms is new to the McMinnville Farmers Market this year, they have been producing delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time! You may have passed by their beautiful farm and pumpkin patch while driving down the highway. Commuting from Dayton, Sweet Oregon Berry is a local farm famous for their delicious strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, and blackberries.

From snacks and jams to incredible ice cream and pies, Sweet Oregon Berry provides more than just fresh produce! Not only do they provide amazing food, but fantastically friendly customer service. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready for Sweet Oregon Berry this year. They are a MUST try!

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may 23: Even pull farms

Even Pull Farm is the shared dream of Beth Satterwhite & Erik Grimstad. We are first-generation farmers proud to call the Yamhill Valley in Western Oregon our home. We joke that the farm is "Beth's fault" because she is the one who was originally bit by the farming bug back way back in college, while interviewing farmers for her thesis. Even Pull Farm was established in 2014, when we signed our first lease and decided to give it a go on our own. 2019 is our fifth season of growing on a beautiful little corner of good soil we lease from Christensen Farms, a fifth-generation family farm near McMinnville, Oregon. These three acres are known as the old Crowe place. The Crowes came to the Yamhill Valley just before World War Two, and established a small dairy operation. Over the years it has been a dairy, a garden, and a home to many lovely souls. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Christensens and care-taking the old Crowe place. 

may 16th: Better than Mama’s

Better Than Mama's all began with a love for eating and cooking delicious food, and a passion for serving people. It started as a hobby, making salsas, dips, & chips for family and friends. We enjoyed playing with various ingredients, flavors, and cooking styles. After each party or family get together, we were encouraged to package up our recipes to share with the masses at the local farmer's market. 

In 2012 we did just that. Armed with our five flavors and corn tortilla chips, we made our way to the Salem (Oregon) Saturday Market. We were met with such an incredible response and demand for our products that we expanded. We currently offer twelve products ranging from our wasabi tomatillo salsa verde to edamame hummus and even sweet dips like our salted caramel toffee dip!

Our restaurant and farmer's market locations give us the opportunity to showcase our delicious salsas, dips & chips while introducing customers to our modern comfort food. 

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june 20th: mic’s mix

Mic’s Mix is a family owned business out of Cove Orchard, Oregon, run by women. We are proud to offer highly nutritious, honestly delicious gluten-free flour blends we know you and your family will love! Our mission is to revolutionize your gluten-free baking experience to be more than just possible, to be great. We take pride in the fact that we are mothers running a globally conscious company committed to sustainability. 

Michele, or as our family knows her, Grandma Mic, is the heart from which this company blossoms. An artist, adventurist, and mother to all, she first began baking as a young girl with her grandmother. Diagnosed Celiac, Michele didn't let that stop her from baking, and in fact, it paved the way for Mic's Mix. Being a bit of a rebel, she never let the constraints of wheat define what gluten-free baking could be. For over 30 years, Mic has been playing with possibilities, baking for family, and crafting the gluten free flours we know and love today. Not only has she created these amazing flour blends, her artistry can be seen on our labels ranging from fun loving birds, to our logo. Oh, and did we mention she's bald?


September 5th: Briar Rose Creamery

Briar Rose Creamery is a small team of cheesemakers, crafting award-winning cheeses in Dundee, Oregon. Everything is made by hand, from start to finish.

Proprietor and Cheesemaker Sarah Marcus is a Bay Area native and started making cheese in her kitchen. In 2005 she took a chance and got a job as a cheesemonger at Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco’s Ferry Building selling some of the world’s finest cheeses. From there her feet were firmly planted on the path to making her own cheese.  Her cheesemaking studies took her to England, Spain, North Carolina, and Vermont. In 2008 she and her husband moved to Dundee, Oregon with the intention to build Briar Rose Creamery. When she’s not making cheese, she’s likely to be watching birds, or photographing her cats.

Co-owner Jim Hoffman is the other half of Briar Rose Creamery.  Jim is the Utility Infielder, and you’ll usually see him helping out around the creamery on weekends, working at farmer’s markets, or selling cheese at special events.


september 12TH: Cream northwest

“With every ingredient inspired by flavors around the world, I hope to capture the essence of my experiences with every bite of ice cream. I am excited to share my passion and love for fresh and local ingredients. I hope to spark the same excitement and contentment in our customers as I experienced with my first bite of homemade ice cream.”

-Michael Roberts, Owner

Cream Northwest makes the most delicious homemade ice cream, and they consistently try out new flavors that wow us. There’s no missing their bright orange truck and sweet scents that waft through the market.


September 19th: FreeWildShe

Shandrea, an at-home creative crafter & mother of two, is new to the market this year! She is best known for her delicious handmade teas and bitters, and she’s always experimenting with new flavors!

You may be wondering… where does the name FreeWildShe come from?

These three words say a lot about me and why I started my own business.
I am
free to be who I want to be. To spend my time doing things that matter. Finding fulfillment and living life on my terms. It’s the wild things that bring me the most joy. Nature is an important part of who I am. Spending time outside. Nourishing myself with real foods. Exploring the relationships we have with plants and how they benefit whole living. Wildcrafting. Bringing the outside into my daily life. Making products with botanicals I can share. She directly represents me and my connection to being free and wild.

-Shandrea/FreeWildShe Owner