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Piecing Community Together

Church on the Hill, in conjunction with Hope on the Hill, Cooperative Ministries, COMPASS Center, Housing Authority of Yamhill County, Provoking Hope, Willamette Valley Medical Center, and other community stakeholders continue to hold a series of Piecing Community Together events for community members to come alongside those impacted by homelessness. January’s event will be the 28th of these events in which guests have been able to enjoy a variety of music, games, art, and a hearty meal. Art projects are worked on and the event provides an opportunity for fellowship among those that attend. 


WHERE: Held on the Second Thursday of each month, 5pm to 7pm Next event: January 11, 2018 – Free Winter BBQ Dinner McMinnville Cooperative Ministries, 544 NE 2nd Street, McMinnville Oregon. 

FOOD SPONSOR: Church on the HillMUSIC SPONSOR: Church on the Hill PROJECT GOALS: 

1)Reach community members, raise awareness and increase support for the homelessness issue through art,allowing us to bring the humanity of a complex issue to the forefront of discussion

2)Building relationship with community members that are impacted and work with them to identify andexpress their heart and story through artistic expression

3)Have an art installation that can be displayed in local galleries, businesses, restaurants and wineries.



1)Canvas puzzle pieces that are painted by impacted individuals and put together in an art piece thatrepresents the population group they self-identify with. 10 identified population groups are: Children,Chronic, Seniors, Developmentally/Intellectually Disabled &/OR Medically Fragile/Mental Health,Veterans, Doubled up/Couch surfing, LGBT/Vulnerable groups, 3.5 million 1 pay check away,Generational poverty, & the unnamed/uncaptured.

2)One large piece that cohesively captures the entire project

3)A wall display of cardboard signs modeled after the typical signage held on the roadside that have beenartistically created with a personal story. These are being done either directly by individuals or individualscan work with an artist to create their story.