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McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival

Zero Waste McMinnville and the Linfield College Sustainability Program are honored to present the inaugural event of the McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th, 2019. Located inside the bright and airy Nicholson Library on the Linfield campus off SE Keck Circle, the public shopping hours will be 10am – 4pm both days.

Our mission is to not only help the public access the work of some of the most accomplished artists in the Pacific Northwest, but to learn how “garbage” can be re-used/reclaimed/repurposed and otherwise recycled into both useful items and amazing art.

While artists will be selling items priced from $1 to over $1000, we are requiring the work of the participating artists to be juried prior to being accepted into this event.  This  means the organizers have established several standards that all vendors must meet or exceed.

  1. At least 65% of all components must be items that were destined for the trash or, if natural, decay. For example, an artisan presenting fabric art would have obtained fabric and trim from used sources, but the thread would be new.

  2. A higher quality of work is required for adult vendors. We appreciate the effort made by all crafters but are aspiring to a more finished artistic treatment in this festival while still offering all prices to the public.