Strengthen Buy Local Economy

This group is tasked with:

Creating a cohesive buy local message to be used in year-round marketing

Increasing the frequency local residents spend their money locally

Expanding the impact of the MDA Gift Certificate program

First Meeting: July 3, 9am

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Ensure a Clean & Safe Downtown

This group is tasked with:

Continuing the work of the Downtown Safety Task Force

Fostering ownership and pride for downtown stakeholders to maintain a clean & safe downtown

Organizing downtown clean ups as needed

Making recommendations to MDA and City about ways to facilitate a clean & safe downtown

Monitoring best practices for regional and national clean & safe programs

First Meeting: June 19, 9am


Increase Public Space & Play

This group is tasked with:

Identifying opportunities to add new public spaces, large or small, downtown

Increasing opportunities for family-friendly play in downtown

Partnering with restaurants to increase outdoor dining opportunities year round

Enhancing pedestrian exploration by improving public space and accessibility

First Meeting: July 10, 8am


Foster Downtown Growth

This group is tasked with:

Finding opportunities to connect downtown with the Granary District

Support planning efforts that create cohesion between downtown and neighboring districts

Monitor new development to ensure it complements existing buildings

Proactively identify new businesses that strengthen downtown's business mix

Work toward a cohesive downtown plan that includes access to the Granary District

First Meeting: June 13, 5pm


Retain Historic Charm

This group is tasked with:

Preserving and enhancing the historic charm of downtown

Connecting properties with opportunities to enhance their building's historic character

Identifying opportunities to expand the charm of third street to the remainder of downtown

Finding opportunities to incorporate history into the downtown experience

Ensuring well-maintained downtown trees and year-round tree lights

Maintaining downtown's inventory of historic assets

First Meeting: June 19, 3:30pm


Friends of Downtown

This group is tasked with:

Helping raise Friends & Funds for downtown

Finding ways to capitalize on the pride McMinnville feels for its downtown

Helping create a robust volunteer engagement program

Engaging the public to financially support downtown

Help ensure MDA maintains high quality engagement with business members

Help strengthen MDA member benefits and effective delivery

First Meeting: June 13, 12pm