The MDA'S Economic Vitality Committee works with existing business owners, recruits compatible new businesses and finds new economic uses to contribute to the vitality of downtown. By converting unused or underused commercial space into income producing property, we can further boost the economic impact of the district.  Economic Vitality is economic development within the context of historic preservation. Downtown McMinnville’s historic, cultural and natural resources are significant assets which set it apart and help to distinguish downtown McMinnville in the market. 

The Economic Vitality Committee is tasked with the following:

  • Oversee the Economic Improvement District
  • Business Retention
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Recruitment
  • Real Estate Development
  • Downtown Assessment
    • Database Collection
    • Building Inventory
    • Business Inventory
    • Position Statement Development
    • Market Analysis

Economic Vitality Committee

Member - Scott Cunningham, Community Plate

Co-Chair - Jon Johnson, Citizen’s Bank

Member - Sam Justice

Member - David Sangunietti, The Bitter Monk/ Allegory Brewing

Member - Tim Ciulla, Ticor Title

Member - Chuck Hillestad, Attorney

Economic Vitality Committee meets every fourth Wednesday at 8:30am at the McMinnville Public Library.


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