farm fresh Recipes

Thanks to our vendors, we are able to utilize their farm fresh foods to create delicious meals that even Gordon Ramsay would love!

Your dinner table could look like this:


Even pull farms’ bok choy caesar salad

Yep, you heard it here! Bok choy is amazing in salads! It's crunchy and tender in all of the right ways, and the green garlic croutons aren't too shabby either!


eola crest cattle’s pinot pot roast

The best pairing with this is the remaining bottle of wine. Cheers.


Can-do real food’s simple green enchiladas

“This is Beth’s favorite and she often requests it for her birthday meal.  I usually make it all from scratch, but our Tomatillo Salsa cuts out a lot of the work.  Actually the basis of the salsa is my Sauce Verde (green sauce) which I use in this recipe.”